Homemade Clorox Wipe Cleaing Tool

As with most of us, I am always interested in finding new ways to make tasks that I don't enjoy quicker and easier. I was recently watching a TV ad for a car window cleaner that was pretty much a scrubbing pad on a stick. It didn't really impress me, until I was cleaning my bathroom. I like to use Clorox disinfecting cleaning wipes around the toilet and sink. They are quick and easy for the fast cleanups. They do a great job on the tile floor as well, but I hate having to put my face in the toilet to wipe up behind it, especially in the guest bathroom!

My mind went back to the car window cleaner. If only I could attach the disinfecting wipes to a scrubber pad with a short handle, it would make my life so easy. I went looking for anything that I could use and found the perfect handle. Our old dish scrubber with the plastic handle! The scrubbing pad was almost completely gone, but the handle was perfect. I drilled a small hole through the handle and I wrap the disinfecting wipe over the end and push a small nail through the holes securing it to the remains of the scrubbing pad end. The handle is curved and gets into all of the tight spaces around my toilet! Seeing as how we were just going to throw the dish scrubber away, I was very happy with how it turned out. I am now thinking about attaching two alligator clips to the handle to make changing pads easier.

Please let us know about any unique cleaning contraptions that you have come up with. Not all of us love to clean, but we all love getting done faster!
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