Easy Ways To Clean Up Spilt Glitter

Glitter is becoming more popular in many applications these days.  It is used in make-up, lotions, glue and in all sorts of crafts.  The common factor of any type of glitter is that it can make a big mess and can be fairly hard to cleanup.  Its gets into all of the cracks and crevices and is nearly impossible to get out of carpet easily.  If you have a glitter disaster your best bet is to use a vacuum to clean up the majority of the spill.  For the left over stuff use a ball of play dough or take about 30" of masking tape and roll it into a ball.  Use your sticky ball to blot up the hard to reach glitter.  This works for the carpet, hardwood floors (even between the boards), couches and anywhere else you may have glitter.  If you use the playdough, you kids can now have glitter dough!
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