Keep Your Floors Cleaner With These Mopping Tips

One of the most tedious cleaning jobs I have to do around the house is mopping. Between the dog, cat and kids it seems like an endless job. I have found several things out over the years that have helped keep my work to a minimum.

When mopping with any cleaner, be sure to use the minimum amount of cleaner for the job. If you use too much cleaner, especially dish soap, a sticky film can be left that attracts dirt faster. If you notice this film on your flooring, try mopping with just water. This will help dilute the cleaner left on the floor and will pickup any excess dirt.

Dry mopping with either a Swiffer mop or a Microfiber cloth mop daily, or as often as needed, can really cut down on the number of times you have to get the mop and bucket out. I have noticed on my floors that the Swiffer Wet Jet leaves a sticky film on my floors that just makes it get dirty faster. With the microfiber cloth you can try our homemade floor cleaner. If this leaves a sticky film try using less dish soap in the recipe. This can occur if you use concentrated dish soap.

Following these tips and removing your shoes when you come in the house can really cut down on the dirt left on your flooring. If you would like specific tips for particular floor type you can find many using the categories on the left. If you can't find any tips for your flooring, send us an email using the link on the left and we'll be sure to add some.
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