How to Use a Sewer Snake

Clogged drains can be a real nuisance. They only seem to get clogged when I am in a hurry and need to get my day going. I don’t understand how, but my sink works just fine at night when brushing my teeth and then is completely clogged in the morning when I am trying to shave and get to work! I used to just use our Natural Drain Cleaner to clear blocked drains, which was until I bought my own sewer snake!

Why Buy a Sewer Snake

A home sewer snake or auger only costs about $30. When you compare that to the cost of each bottle of drain cleaner, it doesn’t sound too bad. Also, a sewer snake is not going to be nearly as harsh of your pipes and it is infinitely better for the environment! The drain cleaner that you keep pouring down the drain has to go somewhere after all. The other benefit to owning your own sewer snake is that the clog is taken care of immediately. You don’t have to wait for the drain cleaner to dissolve the clog to get your drain running again.

How to Best Use Your Sewer Snake

Whenever you are cleaning a drain, wear gloves. Remove any drain stops or any other obstructions from your drain to provide ease of access and to help make it easier to remove any materials that need to be extracted. Fish the end of the snake into the drain until you feel pressure. Pull the snake back about an inch and slowly push into the blockage as you spin the snake. By constantly moving the snake into the clog, you can break up the clog into smaller parts which will be easier to remove and this method is also easier on your snake. I place a couple of paper towels around the drain before I begin. I use these to clean off the snake as I am working the clog. They also act to protect my countertop and keep my post-snaking cleanup to a minimum!

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