The Best Suede Cleaner

Suede is just one of those fabrics that is both wonderful to the touch and horrible to have to clean! The popularity of this fabric has made it a common material for shoes, coats, and even furniture. Suede is soft, pliable, comfortable, and so easy to stain! Luckily we have found the best suede cleaner and the best ways to maintain your suede!

Suede should be pretreated with a protective spray the day that you buy it to help reduce your need for a suede cleaner!

One of the first things that you need to buy after purchasing any suede product is a suede brush. These brushes are specially designed to help restore the softness and pile of the suede fabric to its original state. They also help to restore the look of the suede after you have cleaned it. You should also protect your suede with a suede protective treatment. These are readily available and can make the cleaning of your suede infinitely easier. Pre-treating your suede will also make it last longer, just make sure that you follow the directions to ensure that you do not destroy the soft and subtle nature of your suede!

If you have a dry stain on your suede, use a pink pencil eraser to slowly work out the stain. By using light pressure, you can essentially erase the stain as the stain gets absorbed into the eraser bits. You will have to brush out the suede to restore the look, if you do not have a suede brush, you can rub the surface in a uniform direction with a clean, dry cloth.

If you have a wet stain on your suede, absorb as much of the liquid as possible by placing paper towels on top. Carefully blot up all of the liquid making sure to not spread the stain by rubbing. Once you have all of the liquid removed, use the pencil eraser to remove any residue. Finally, brush the area with your suede brush to restore the look of the suede. If you cannot remove the stain using these techniques, you will need to have the fabric professionally cleaned. If you have already pretreated the suede, you can use white vinegar. Start by dampening a clean towel with water and completely wring it out until it is barely damp. Next, add a few drops of white vinegar and slowly work it into the stain. Be very careful with white vinegar. Always test a small inconspicuous area with the white vinegar first to find out how your suede will respond to the cleaning. Once you have removed the stain, again brush with your suede brush to improve the appearance of the suede.

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