How to Use Toilet Cleaners and Alternatives

There are many different commercially available toilet cleaners. These products all do a good job at cleaning your toilet. They do require using the old nasty scrub brush and it’s always a good idea to wear rubber gloves when using strong cleaners. If the stains in your toilet are very bad, I recommend using a plunger to lower the water level. Simply plunge the toilet a number of times until there are just a few inches of water left. Spray the stains with your toilet cleaner; let it sit for a few minutes to let it work on the stain with its full strength. Then scrub until the toilet is spotless. You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your toilet. It’s safe for septic systems and easier on the environment!

In-tank toilet drop-ins are very popular because they limit how often you have to clean. They also help with reducing smells. These drop-ins usually contain bleach or other strong chemical cleaners. Make sure when you are cleaning your toilet that you do not mix chemicals. Using ammonia to clean a toilet with a bleach drop-in is a very dangerous idea!

I have always had a problem with drop-in cleaners. I find that as they dissolve they tend to break apart and can stop the seal from forming around the stopper causing the toilet to keep running. I have come up with a great solution for this. I place the drop-ins into the feet from old panty-hose. You can also use cheesecloth which is available at most cooking stores if you don’t have access to old panty-hose. Tie off the top of the panty-hose and hang them from the side of the toilet tank with a couple of paper clips bent backwards. By putting two drop-ins into the panty-hose and by adjusting the height of the drop-ins to suspend the tablets halfway out of the water, you don’t have to add new drop-in tablets as often.

Avoid Toilet Cleaners with a Little Maintenance!
  • Going to be away for awhile? Pour 1/4 cup of bleach into the bowel before you leave to come home to a sanitized and cleaned bowel.
  • To keep rings from forming, pour a half-gallon of white vinegar in the bowel every four weeks. Close the lid and let it soak overnight before flushing.
  • To avoid a slow drain and to minimize odors, pour one cup baking soda down your toilet weekly. With just a few simple steps, you can all but remove the need for breaking out the nasty scrub brush and rubber gloves!
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