The Sonic Scrubber – A Review

Sonic Scrubber
A while back, a new TV infomercial started showing off the amazing cleaning power of the Sonic Scrubber. No task was too much for this little dynamo! It powered through everything that was thrown at it. Is this the greatest cleaning product ever made? Well, not exactly. The Sonic Scrubber definitely has some wonderful uses, which I will explain later. But it also has a few limitations.

The Sonic Scrubber can truly power through really tough, really small stains.

What the Sonic Scrubber has gotten right. Although it does look like an oversized electronic toothbrush, the speed of the oscillations and the power of the motor turns this device from a tool for oral hygiene to a cleaning machine. The device is lightweight and powered by AA batteries. Surprisingly, the batteries actually last quite a long time, even when I used my rechargeable ones! The different scrubber heads insure the right size and scrubbing surface for the job, and the device can truly power through really tough, really small stains.

What is lacking and not mentioned in the commercials for the Sonic Scrubber is that you will never be able to clean large areas with this device. Unless you have a dozen Sonic Scrubbers and a dozen friends helping, you will never be able to clean an entire room. You must also be careful to let the device do the work. Do not try to use your own strength to help clean faster. The device is just not robust enough to be muscled around!

The Sonic Scrubber is great at the really tough spots. Let it do the work by just using minimal pressure. Use the speed of the scrubber to do the hard work. Using the right cleaner for the type of stain is also of vital importance. For tough, problematic stains, such as grout or around a soap dish, the Sonic Scrubber is fantastic. If you are trying to clean an entire tile bathroom, you had better not plan on doing anything else for quite a while! The Sonic Scrubber kit is available at Amazon and you may just find out that it is the perfect little scrubber for your needs!

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