Mobile Dog Grooming Saves the Day

The time has finally come to our household.  Our loving Newfoundland can no longer take the trip to the groomers across town.  She is eleven years old, has had one knee replaced, has bad hip dysplasia and arthritis.  She can hardly stand up now without a lot of extra effort.  Sadly, all the laying around the house and in the yard leaves her pretty dirty and matted.  We do our best to keep her brushed with the Furminator, but she still has trouble standing for a long time.

We had been taking her to a great groomer about 20 minutes from our house.  They always did a great job and worked around her disabilities, but she always came home and didn’t do anything for a few days because she was so sore.  We have finally solved our problem.

Mobile Dog Grooming to the Rescue

We have seen the ads on the TV and heard the ads on the radio.  It wasn’t until we talked to our friends that we decided to give a local mobile dog grooming service a try.  Once we did a little research on our local Better Business Bureau's website we were able to select a service.  Two days later the van arrived in front of our house.

An Entire Pet Salon in a Van

When the van arrived we walked our dog out into the mobile pet salon.  The van had special dog steps that helped her get into the van and up onto the grooming table without any problems.  These steps are what really sold us on the whole idea of mobile dog grooming.  If you know anything about a Newfoundland, you know that they are pretty big dogs.  150 plus pounds big.  The table doubled as a sink with a hose and en automatic shampoo and perfume dispensers.  It was pretty neat watching Kelly wash and rinse our dog.  Within 10 minutes she was washed and ready for a dry.  One hour and a half later she was all groomed and pretty.

Surprisingly bear wasn’t sore or tired like she normally was after a visit to the pet salon.  She didn’t have to endure the long trip and barking dogs, the stress of getting into and out of the car.  The extra cost was more than worth it.  My only advice is to use the resources of your local BBB to verify that your little precious will be well taken care of.
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