How to Safely Replace Garage Door Springs

We are all looking for ways to save money. Do-it-yourself projects are a great example of this. If you have an electronic garage door opener, you will have to replace the garage door springs at some point. You will know when you have to replace them when your door starts to take longer to open. You may also notice the opener making more noise as it operates. The garage door springs help the motor by reducing the amount of force that it has to exert to open the door. As the springs wear out, the motor has to work harder, reducing its life expectancy and increasing the amount of power that it consumes.

Replacing Garage Door Springs will save you Money in the Long Run!

Electronic garage door openers have long tension springs running along the door tracks, manual garage doors have torsion springs housed over the door usually in a metal box. Do not attempt to replace torsion springs! Torsion springs have a tremendous amount of energy stored in them that can be released with catastrophic results. Major injuring or death can result from improperly changing torsion springs! Leave changing torsion springs to professionals!

To replace your garage door springs, open the garage door all of the way until it locks into place. Using two lockable vice grips, lock the door in place by attaching the vice grips in front of the foremost wheels on the track to keep the door from moving. If you do not have two lockable vice grips, adjustable C-clamps can also be used. Once the door is locked into place, release the electronic garage door opener by pulling on the release handle. Now the springs are in their most relaxed position and you can remove them by disconnecting each end. They may be connected by a threaded bolt or with an S-clamp. Once removed, replace with your new springs. Always replace both springs at the same time or else you can damage your garage door opener. Once finished replacing the springs, reconnect your garage door opener and remove the vice grips or C-clamps. Your electric garage door will now function more efficiently and save you money and time!
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