How to Maintain Your Garage Floor

We all want every part of our homes to be in the best shape possible. But, sometimes it is very easy to overlook certain places. Your garage floor is probably one of those places. You drive on it, park your cars on it, and ignoring it seems to work just fine. However, once the floor becomes damaged, you will be looking at a hefty bill to get it fixed properly. We have a few tricks to help you keep your garage floor in great shape and looking good for years to come.

The most important tip to maintaining your garage floor is to clean up all liquids immediately!

First of all, as with all porous surfaces, you must clean up all messes and spills as quickly as possible. In the winter this can be especially difficult with the snow and salt being brought in with your car every time you come home. But a simple tip to remove the excess water is to purchase a large rubber squeegee with a good, long handle. Squeegees are available now at all home supply stores. Simply store the squeegee by the door to your garage so that you can quickly grab it and strip the water off of your floor each time you come home. It only takes a few seconds and will keep the water from soaking into the surface. It will also keep your garage looking great.

If your vehicle is leaking oil or grease on your garage floor, use non-clumping cat little to absorb the liquid. Sprinkle the cat litter liberally over the spill, give it a little while to absorb the liquids, work in with a stiff broom, and sweep up. This will also remove old oil stains, it just may require multiple cleanings. Obviously, you are going to want to get your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible if you have an oil leak!

To deep clean your concrete garage floor, first sweep and vacuum up any debris that you can. Next, rinse off the entire surface with a high-pressure nozzle on your garden hose or with a pressure washer. Sprinkle Bartender’s Friend all over the surface. Scrub in with a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow to completely dry. This is best done on a warm, dry day!

Once you have completely cleaned the garage floor, seal your concrete floor with a commercially available concrete sealer or water repellent. You can also seal your entire garage floor with an epoxy sealer. Epoxy sealer is applied like paint, but will provide an exceptional seal and will protect your concrete for many years! Epoxy paint will also cover up any discolorations in your concrete. Most epoxy sealers are chemical resistant, but make sure to get one that does not make the surface too slippery! Some sealers can be mixed with certain sands to give the surface some grit and to give you safe footing.

There are also tons of mats and flooring systems that you can utilize in your garage to keep it looking great. If you plan on installing one of these floor coverings, make sure that you completely clean and seal the floor before you install them. If you fail to do this and simply use the cover to hide any problems, the problems will just get worse.

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