Fight Germs with a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Unfortunately I had to visit a friend in the hospital a few weeks ago.  When I got to the hospital entrance I was quite amazed at a new piece of technology that they had installed, hand sanitizer dispensers.  Actually the hospital had the units installed at every entrance and elevator door along with a sign that asked all visitors to sanitize their hands.  These units were not your ordinary hand sanitizer dispenser, they were automatic.  Placing your hand under the unit released a squirt of a foamy hand sanitizer.  What really impressed me was that the hand sanitizer was actually soft to the touch and made your hands feel better.  Most hand sanitizers are full of alcohol which tends to dry out my hands, and during the winter no one likes dry chapped hands.

I Had to Have a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

On the way home as I thought more and more about the hand sanitizer dispensers.  Being a total gadget freak, they really appealed to me.  When I got home I did a quick internet search on getting a hand sanitizer dispenser.  My research surprised me because the dispensers only cost about $15.  They use 3 C cell batteries which the manufacturer claims will last for 350,000 uses.  Pretty good if you ask me.  They can sell the units at a low price because you have to use special refills.  The Refills cost about $12 for the standard alcohol based gel hand sanitizer and around $20 for the soft foam sanitizer.  Both come in a 1200 ml size that is good for over 1000 uses.  The foam does cost almost twice as much as the gel, but I think it is worth it.

I ordered my unit from Amazon along with a foam hand sanitizer refill.  I decided to install the unit near the kitchen sink.  The unit came with a template for drilling the holes making it was easy to drill the holes correctly.  Just make sure you use a level with the template to make sure the unit is level, otherwise the unit may not work correctly..  I had to use drywall anchors because there weren't any studs near my installation location.  After the screws were in the unit slid right into place.  I put the batteries into the dispenser along with the foam cartridge, the whole family has been sanitizing like crazy in no time.  I'm trying still trying to figure out how much this costs per use, because at the rate we are using it I think we might need another refill in a month.  So overall this may be more expensive than using plain old soap, but the convenience is unbeatable and my hands aren't chapped.

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