Choosing the Best Pet Hair Vacuum

One of the biggest challenges to keeping our house clean is pet hair.  We have a Newfoundland dog and an orange tabby cat.  I could have made several sweaters from all of the hair that they have shed over the years, too bad there isn’t a market for Newfoundland dog fur sweaters because I would be rich.  We started using the FURminator brush several years ago, and while the brush does a great job, we still get lots of pet hair scattered throughout the house.  When we first got Bear, we vacuumed everyday to keep up with her hair output.  During shedding season we couldn’t keep up vacuuming two to three times a day.  Needless to say it wasn’t too long before our vacuum gave out.  After our first sweeper broke we started the process of finding a new one.

Over the last 10 years we have bought too many vacuums; the first thing we learned is that not all vacuums are made with the same quality.  Using the vacuum every day, most models only lasted a year or so.  The other thing we noticed was that over time they all started to lose suction as we used them.  No matter how well we cleaned their filters or changed the bags they just lost all of their power over time.  We were not buying the right pet hair vacuum.

The Dyson Animal

After going through 5 different models in five years we decided to splurge on a new vacuum that was specially made for pet hair.  We chose the Dyson DC17 Animal after a lot of research.  At first I wasn’t willing to pay close to $500 dollars for a pet hair vacuum, but I am glad that we did.  The Dyson is by far the best pet hair vacuum that we have ever used.

The Dyson is an engineering masterpiece.  The first time you use one you will quickly notice the attention to detail used in its construction.  First, the Dyson has an incredible amount of suction.  Not only is the suction strong but it hasn’t lost any of its power in the last five years.  The hoses and attachments all snap tightly together and don’t fall off when you use them.  Each of the attachments is also made with a lot of thought and quality.  For instance, the upholstery tool has red velvet lint collectors built into each side of the tool.  This allows the tool to really grab any pet hair that is caught in the upholstery.  This tool does wonders at removing pet hair from your furniture and carpet.  We use it on the stairs with great success.

Pet Hair Vacuum Features To Look For

If you are looking for a new pet hair vacuum, from my experience you should look for the following features.  Suction is the most important factor in a good pet hair vacuum.  Suction is what will pull the hair out of the carpet and upholstery, so without good suction you will not be able to get the deeply embedded hairs.  The vacuum should also have an aggressive beater bar and other materials that will help to physically grab the hairs so that the suction may capture it.  The collection bin is also important because the volume of hair can be overwhelming, so having the right size dust bin will keep you from excessive empting.  One optional feature you might want to look for is a HEPA filter.  We have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of dust around our house after we started using one.  With these features in mind you should be able to find the best pet hair vacuum.

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