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I recently wrote about how mobile dog grooming helps my eleven year old Newfoundland, Bear, lead a less painful life while keeping her clean and pretty.  Newfoundlands are very hairy dogs.  They have a thick undercoat that allows them to swim in icy waters without the water reaching their skin which keeps them from getting cold.  Although great for swimming in icy waters, they shed their undercoat twice a year making a big mess.  Every spring and fall her fur can easily destroy the house, spreading hair to every corner of the house.  To fight the hair we used to have her groomed every three weeks during shedding season, but that gets very expensive very fast.  Luckily our groomer started providing a new service using the best dog brush, the FURminator.

The Furminator is a life saver.  The first time the groomers did the FURminator treatment, they saved the pile of fur that they removed from Bear.  It was bigger than a small dog.  It was pretty amazing to see all the hair that would have ended up on my floor already collected for me.  After that treatment Bear only shed about 5% of what she normally would have.  Luckily the FURminator is available to buy for about the same price as one treatment at the pet salon.

How do you make the best dog brush?

The Furminator was developed to solve the number one complaint of pet owners, shedding.  After years of development, a groomer and her husband developed the perfect tool that didn’t cut the hair, but grabbed a hold of the loose undercoat that ended up as shed fur.  Experimentation led to the development of a stainless steel de-shedding tool that only worked on the undercoat.  The special feature of this new tool was an edge that not only removed the loose undercoat, but also brought out a wonderful shine and healthy look to the coat. 

The FURminator is great at removing the undercoat, but is also easy to use.  Within 15 minutes we can completely comb our dog and our cat.  The brush glides thru the fur and grabs just the loose under coat.  Within ten or so strokes you will have a fist full of hair.  Just follow up with your normal pet brush and your dog or cat will be looking their best.  If you have shedding problems at home, I highly recommend you look into the best dog brush, the FURminator.

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