Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you need more bathroom storage? I always do. Luckily, I found a few tips to help maximize the limited space that I have. When I moved into my current residence, I found out that the small bathroom closet was only a few inches deep. The medicine cabinet behind the mirror was the same. It was obvious that they were afterthoughts to the construction of the room and had to be fit into the width of the wall that they were set into. Now, as we all know, toilet paper is always cheaper in the 16 pack, for about a buck more you can go from 250 Q-tips to 1,000, and multi-packs of toothpaste and contact lens solution are always the best deal. Given the fact that not one bottle of contact lens solution will fit in my medicine cabinet; I had to look for other bathroom storage ideas.

To create more bathroom storage, I looked into utilizing my wasted space.

I found an over-the-toilet shelving unit at our local home store. It has adjustable legs and shelves allowing it to fit over any toilet. It is 12 inches deep and the shelves easily accommodate towels and tons of toilet paper. By adding a few aesthetic touches, you can draw the eyes of your guests away from the fact that the shelves are covered with toilet paper. It also stores my bars of soap and excess Q-tips.

Another bathroom storage tip was to purchase a small corner vanity. Because it has three shelves with doors on them, it is the perfect place to hide the bathroom necessities that we all have. We put a small plant on top and it makes a great accent piece in the wasted space that was just a small corner.

The final tip to improve your bathroom storage is to select one shelf in an adjacent room for the larger items. We keep our guest towels, the remainder of our bulk bathroom needs, and extra shampoo on the very top shelf of the bedroom’s closet that is nearest the bathroom. This serves as the primary storage for both of our bathrooms.

Now our medicine cabinet actually just contains medicine, razors, and the like. By finding better ways to utilize our wasted space in our bathroom, our bathroom storage problem is a thing of the past!

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