Tips to Fight Spills and Splatters in the Kitchen

The kitchen in our house is the most used area.  With the high traffic comes a high amount of dirt and grime.  Here are some tips to help keep your kitchen sparkling.

Kitchen floors can attract all sorts of gunk; food spills and splatters can quickly become a sticky mess and don’t even get me started on the dog’s foot prints!  To fight these we keep a microfiber mop hidden behind the fridge.  When there is a spill or we just want to do a quick cleaning all we need to do is wet a microfiber cloth, attach it to the mop and go to town.  In less than 60 seconds we have a clean kitchen floor.

Spills and splatters in the microwave can quickly become a hard mess to remove.  Try to clean them as soon as they happen to save yourself from later problems.  For those stuck on stains try microwaving a bowl of water or white vinegar for 60 seconds.  The steam they let off will loosen caked on splatters; just be careful, the water or vinegar will be hot.  We also use a little silicone scraper spatula wedge to help loosen the dried on food.

During the preparation of food there are always spills and splatters.  We keep a spray bottle of my homemade general purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth out all of the time.  Just a quick sprits and wipe and I have a clean counter.
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