Sanitize Home and Office - Don't Miss the Obvious!

With the flu virus going around, its in our best interest to do what we can to minimize the risk to others and ourselves. Everywhere I go today, I find alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer. Even my local grocery store now has a cart sanitizer station at the entrance. There is a one gallon jug of hand sanitizer at the receptionists' desk at our office. The local shopping mall has sanitizing stations throughout. These are all good steps, but I find it interesting that we often miss the obvious places.

Sanitize your home and work by paying attention to everything that you touch daily!

Spend a few extra moments today and pay attention to everything that you touch in your home and office. You will be surprised at how many different things that you touch. In your home, do not forget the doorhandles. Since everyone has to use them, they are more likely to carry germs and viruses than anywhere else. Make sure that you sanitize cabinet handles. We all focus on our toilets and sinks, just don't forget the parts that we actually touch daily, like the faucet handles. If you share your car, sanitize your door handles and steering wheel. At home and work, sanitize your keyboard and mouse, just make sure to not get any fluid into the devices. If you use a sanitizing wipe, wring it our first to reduce and chance of liquid getting into your devices. Don't forget about your cell phone and your home phone!

Easy Steps to Keep From Getting Sick

These easy to follow steps really do work.  I have been doing these things naturally for the last several years and I haven't gotten sick.  This was really important last year as the Swine Flu was passing through our town.  I came home from a business trip the day my son was diagnosed with the Swine Flu.  This was pretty early on in the epidemic, so we really didn't know what to expect.  He was really sick and soon after my wife and daughter also came down with it.  For the next week and a half I had to take care of them, while trying not to get the flu myself.  During this period I took these steps to the next level and was going over every surface with a disinfecting wipe as soon as the infected person left.  I even sprayed down the couch with Lysol whenever they got up.  My wife thinks I was a little paranoid, but I never did get the Swine Flu.  And after watching their suffering; I'm glad I didn't.  So remember these basic sanitizing tips and maybe you won't get sick either.

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