Hydrogen Peroxide - Cleaning, Sanitizing Wonder

Over the years, we have offered many great cleaning tips that use hydrogen peroxide. Ever wonder why it’s such a great cleaning agent? Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a mild acid, but it is a very strong oxidizing agent which means that as it combines with other molecules, it gives off oxygen. Because of this, Hydrogen Peroxide can be used very successfully as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold cleaning agent. It also is very good at bleaching surfaces.

Hydrogen Peroxide is safe to use around the house and is non-toxic, especially in the low concentrations that we recommend using. It is also fairly inexpensive, and easy to obtain at almost any grocery or drug store. It can also be bought in bulk at restaurant supply stores.

When you clean with Hydrogen Peroxide, you get an added bonus. It sanitizes your sponges every time you use it. No need to worry about spreading nasty stuff around!

Practical uses of hydrogen peroxide:

  • Spray on and wipe down wooden cutting boards to disinfect
  • Use to sanitize bathrooms and kitchens, just a splash on a sponge will do
  • Can be used to clean toilets, and is septic system safe
  • Can be diluted into a spray to clean vegetables and fruits
  • Can be used in your washer instead of bleach, just treat it as if it were bleach
  • You can even bleach your hair with a highly diluted mix of H2O2 and water!
Some of our classic cleaning tips using Hydrogen Peroxide are:

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