How to Remove Red Drink Stains From Carpet

Janet from Canton Ohio asks:
I spilled a whole large glass of red Crystal Light drink on my light colored carpet.   Now I have a pink stain.  Is there anything I can try to get rid of this pink stain?
We have all been there.  Spilling any red drink can cause a nasty stain.  The first steps you take will determine if the stain can be removed.  Many commercially available cleaners such as Resolve can actually set a stain making it impossible to remove.  Hopefully she did not use one of these products.  Here is my time tested cool aid type stain remover.  This even works on stains that have been there for years.
  1. If it is a fresh stain, the first thing to do is use a home steam cleaner or shop vac to remove as much of the liquid as possable.  You do not want to use a towel to blot up the stain becuse the pressure you will use will push the stain further into the carpet, making it harder to remove.
  2. After the liquid has been removed,  mix good old classic Dawn (the blue stuff) with some warm water.  Five or six drops to two cups of water should do.
  3. Dampen a white terry cloth rag with the mixture and place over the stain.
  4. Put a cloths iron on top of the liquid infused terry cloth and turn it on the lowest setting.
  5. After about 15 mintues you should see the red stain being absorbed into the terry cloth.
  6. After 30 minutes the stain should be gone.  Dry the area with a fan overnight.
  7. If the stain still remains try our Tough Carpet Stain Homemade Cleaner.
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