Dealing with Mice without Resorting to Pest Exterminators For Pest Control

Mice, and other pests, can cause real damage if left unchecked. However, many of us do not like the idea of using traps or poison in our homes for pest control. I also believe that all of us don’t want to spend a bunch of money on professional pest exterminators. I have always found that the best way to deal with unwanted pests is to remove their entry points and to get rid of any food that may be motivating them into entering your space.

Homemade Pest Control in lieu of Pest Exterminators

As for blocking their entry, my dad gave me a great trick. My father’s house was built in a large field that was formerly a farm. His house has a brick outer wrapping. To allow the moisture out, the builders left small holes around the base of the house in the brick. Mice began to get into these holes and they could hear them running around in the walls. My father purchased stainless steal Brillo pads from a commercial kitchen supply company. He torn off little pieces of the Brillo pad and stuffed it into the holes around his home. The mice don’t go anywhere near it! This is the perfect way to fill in little gaps around your foundation.

You already know to not leave food lying around and to store opened foods in air-tight containers. But, you may also need to think about your pet’s food. Pests will eat anything that they can get. If your cat’s food is lying about in a bowel on the floor, the mice will eat it. Raise your pet’s food and water off of the floor using a pet food stand.
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