Our Best Window and Glass Cleaning Tips

Spring is a great time to clean your windows. You'll be able to enjoy the beautify green grass and flowers without dirt and grim mudding up your view. Good window care will also help your windows last longer and can help lower your energy bills.

The first thing you should do is gather up all of the materials you will need to get the job done right. This will include a special glass cleaning cloth, an old rag, a squeegee, and glass cleaning solution. Now that you have all the stuff, spray the window down with the glass cleaner and wipe it dry with your squeegee, using the rag to dry it off between wipes. Next you should spray the windows again with a small amount of window cleaner and use the coffee filters to dry the window to a sparkling clean.

Now that the windows are clean, you should check that everything is in good working order. For vinyl windows, you can spray the track with pledge to make sure they open smoothly. You should also check the the caulk around the window is in good condition to make sure you don't have any drafts. You can also clean your screens if they are dirty.

This small amount of maintenance will help keep your windows clean and energy efficient for years to come. Enjoy your view!
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