Dangers of Air Fresheners and a Few Alternatives

Many store bought air fresheners don't really freshen the air in your home. They mask the odors by using oils that can clog your respiratory system. People with allergies are very sensitive to these chemicals. I used to get a sinus infection at least four or five times a year until we stopped using those plug-in air fresheners. I also noticed a big drop in the amount of dust that we had to clean every week. I later researched some of the chemicals in these commercial air fresheners and was surprised to learn that some of the chemicals actually could diminish your sense of smell once they coated your nasal passages. We have forever sworn off these products, but we still like to have a nice smelling home. Here are some of the tricks we use:
  • Open the windows - With spring finally here, open up your windows and let the fresh spring breeze in.
  • Make your own potpourri - Potpourri is great because you can really tailor it to your tastes. Here is a link to our easy to make potpourri.
  • Use Our Homemade Odor Remover.
  • For more ideas you can visit our Aroma Therapy Week post review.
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