How to Opt-Out From Receiving the Phone Book

Over the last week I have received 4 new phone books. The problem is that I don't want them. A phone book is useless to me. They are chocked full of ads for businesses I will never need. They are poorly organized and waste space for multiple listing orders. They go directly into the recycling bin as I much prefer Google or their on-line counter parts.

We send all of our phone books to the recycling center to be made into next years book, if they even do that. Maybe it turns into my next cereal box. I don't know what they really do with them but create more waste I don't want in my life. I searched the web for an opt-out form on one of the publishers websites, but they don't have one. I did find a list of phone numbers you can call to opt-out of your next phone book. I have no idea if these really work, but I have called each and asked them to send mine to an old lady next year so she can use it to see over the steering wheel.

For AT&T the number is 1-800-792-2665. For Yellow Book the number is 1-800-373-2324 or 1-800-373-3280. You can get more info at
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