The Great Big Green Lie!

Clorox has recently launched a new product line called Green Works. It is great to see a product from a large corporation that is 99% natural, but that is where the problems start for me. Let’s examine Clorox Green Works a little closer starting with the positive.
  • 99% Natural - most of this product is made from naturally occurring chemicals.
  • Readily available - this is one of the first natural products that will be available in stores like Wal-Mart, so everyone will have access to them.
  • Ingredients listed on bottle - a great milestone in cleaning products, but what is in the bottle does not hold up to my definition of "green."
  • Performs well - products claim to clean as well as traditional cleaners.

Clorox Green Works sounds too good to be true. Here are some of the negatives.

  • 99% Natural - "Natural" in the marketing world in an unregulated term. What really happens at the plant that makes Clorox Green Works? They may start with natural products but what they are chemically transformed into is anyone’s guess. Do you know what alkyl polyglucoside or ethanol SDA-3C are? I don't. Why should I trust Clorox's process isn't causing more pollution?
  • 1% Unnatural - Kathon is a petroleum-derived preservative used in Clorox Green Works. You can read more about Kathon at this Data Sheet. Some hazards listed on the data sheet are skin irritation, serious eye damage, and harmful to aquatic organisms. Wear gloves and eye protection when using these cleaners. Doesn't seem so eco-friendly now.
  • Doesn't Disinfect - none of these products actually kill germs, even though that is what the Clorox name is best known for.
  • Plastic Bottles - create a large amount of waste. Clorox doesn't provide a way to get refills in a more environmentally friendlier way.
  • Sierra Club approved - If the sierra club approves it must be great. I think Clorox is using us so we will pay a premium for non-premium product.

Overall I think it is great that companies see that people want cleaner more environmentally friendlier products and are starting to produce greener options, but it really makes me mad when these products are just Marketing Hype. Clorox is just pandering to the green crowd, and charging us a premium for it. Green Works is a great step in making cleaner household products, but falls short in my mind. Maybe they should call it "Greener Works."

Do you think Clorox Green Works is a true eco-friendly green cleaner?

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