Cleaning Shoes and Boots of Winter Grime

We have been bombarded with winter storm after winter storm over the last few weeks. This has left my shoes and boots covered in a mixture of salt and winter grime. Not cleaning this grime off of your shoes is surely a crime, sorry....The mixture of salt and dirt will ruin your shoes more quickly and can leave your favorite leather and suede brittle, making them wear faster. Here are some tips to quickly keep your shoes in tip top shape.
  • Leather Shoes and Boots - To clean leather shoes and boots use a mixture of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup warm water and a soft cloth to wipe away the dirt. Just moisten the soft cloth with the mixture and rub the dirt away. Be sure not to dry leather shoes with heat or leave near a radiator. The heat can make the leather brittle.
  • Rubber Boots - You can clean dirt and scuff marks off rubber boots using baking soda and water mixed into a paste. Rinse with the vinegar and water mixture from above to remove all of the salt.
  • Suede Shoes and Boots - Water will damage suede so use a kneadable eraser to gently remove any salt and dirt. You can buy a kneadable eraser at any art supply store.
  • General Care of Suede and Leather - It is a good idea to spray leather and suede items with a water repellent at least once a year. I like to use ReviveX Water Repellent Spray.
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