Removing Mold From an Air Mattress

Janet from Cleveland asks:
I just pulled my air mattress out of the garage and found mold on the cloth side of the mattress. How do I safely get rid of it without ruining the bed?
Moisture in your garage most likely causes the mold to grow. So your first step is to try and remove any sources of water in your garage to keep other items from getting ruined. To clean the mold, my first solution would be to wash it with a 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water solution then let it air dry in the sun. Since letting the bed dry outdoors probably isn't practical this time of year in Cleveland you may want to dry the bed with a blow dryer and let it stand in direct sunlight for a day. If that doesn't work you can try 1/2 cup bleach to one gallon of water and rewash and dry. I don't know what your mattress looks like, but the bleach may fade the color, so only use that as a last resort. Bleach kills mold the best but the vinegar will be gentler on the fabric.
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