Make Homemade Reusable Swiffer Cloths

Jenny submitted this great tip on how to make your own washable Swiffer cloths:

We have hardwood floors throughout most of our house, and I give them a weekly dusting/cleaning with a dry Swiffer. Instead of using disposable Swifter cloths, I use old pieces of fleece. When I'm done with a room or two, I shake the cloth outside, and toss it in the wash.

There are lots of things called fleece these days; what I'm talking about is fairly thick, is sometimes called Polartec, and is 100% polyester. My pieces are probably about the weight of Polartec 200. Fleece attracts dust like a magnet, and doesn't let go.

I came to this idea because I was wearing fleece pants around the house and noticed that they got dusty and picked up flecks of "stuff"at an annoying rate. Rather than get angry, I realized the house cleaning potential, and promptly went out to Goodwill and found an old large fleece garment and cut it up. Voila!

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