Simple Snow Shoveling Tip

I cannot believe that I am already posting about snow shoveling, but we had a few flakes the other day prompting me to start prepping for the white stuff. I got my shovel out of the garage, checked it for any cracks, and put it in my mud room for easy access. I always spray the shovel with WD-40 (you could also use no-stick spray) and wipe off the excess. This causes the snow to slide right off of the shovel after each shovel-full of snow. In my opinion, shoveling is an annoying task to begin with and any help is tremendous! As always, lift with your knees and try not to hunch over the shovel as you work. Also, make sure that your shovel is the correct size for your body. I am over 6' tall and always struggled with shoveling until I found one that was actually made for people my size.
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