It's Getting Colder...Time To Winterize Your Home!

The temperature is starting to drop and winter is just a few months away. Now it is time to tackle sealing up your home from the elements. Walk around your home and inspect every window and door. If you can see light through any of the edges, you need to get some weather strip or caulk. Adhesive weather stripping is cheap and works great. Nine or ten dollars now can easily save you hundreds of dollars over a winter. If you have old single-pane windows, a few windows sealing kits might not be a bad idea. Remember, each time you add a sealed space between a cold window and your interior, the temperature of the surface that affects your living area becomes half way between the outside and inside temperature. For example, if it is 0 degrees outside, your single-pane window's glass is 0 degrees even on the inside of your home. If you add a plastic sheet on the inside of your window and it is 70 degrees inside your home, the area between the glass and plastic will be 35 degrees. This reduces the amount of heat loss caused from each window, and will save you a lot of money!
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