Furnace Maintenance Volume 2

Now that you have utilized our tips from Furnace Maintenance Volume 1 it is now time to focus on cleaning the dust and dirt out of the rest of your heating system. Now that the blower is blowing clean air, its time to focus on the cold air intake, the vents, and your duct work. You can spend a lot of money having your ducts professionally cleaned, but with a little time, a screwdriver, and your canister or shop vac, you can get the majority of the dust out of your system. First, remove all of the vents from your home including the cold air intakes. You may have to remove screws from both sides. Once the vents are out, completely vacuum both sides of them. Remove any stuck-on dirt with a toothbrush or stiff-bristled brush. Next, using the brush head on your vacuum's flexible hose, vacuum and brush out all accessible areas of your ducts that you can reach through the open vents. I will let you in on a more invasive way to clean your duct work in Furnace Maintenance Vol. 3. It requires a little cutting, so I will focus on it exclusively.
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