Fertilize Your Trees

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your trees. I use Miracle Grow Tree and Shrub spikes. All you have to do is hammer them into the ground using the included plastic cap at the edge of the tree limbs. The back of the package will tell you how many you have to use based on the diameter of the trunk and foliage. I have used the ones for trees and evergreens with great success. When our house was built, the builder planted a red sunset maple tree in the front yard of every house. Our tree towers over the others in the neighborhood. Our evergreen tree in the front yard is growing so fast I usually have to add 1 to 2 more strings of Christmas lights each year. Not only are the trees growing taller, but they are much fuller. Placing the fertilizer spikes now will allow the nutrients to work their way down to the roots before spring, giving your trees a nice boost in growth next spring.
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