Can Mayo Really Improve The Look Of Wood Furniture?

I have heard of a number of cleaning tips that just seemed too good or too weird to possibly work. This is one of them. My wife once informed me that her mother used mayonnaise to clean discolorations and marks on her wood furniture. I did not believe this to work, and doubted the concept of using an egg-based cleaning product that would surely rot or attract insects. But, in the spirit of looking for the best, the easiest, and the safest ways to clean, I had to try it. My living room table gets a lot of water marks and general wear and tear. It also has a few areas that were discolored by warm plates. I applied a very thin layer of mayo to each of the damaged areas and, as instructed, left it overnight. Surprisingly enough, it did help. It did not remove all of the marks, but it did help reduce the amount of discoloration. I have to say that for small marks or light discoloration mayo will make your wood furniture look better. It is not the best cleaning product by far, but did improve the look significantly!
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