What To Do With All These Peanuts!

For work, I order a lot of parts from different stores in different states. What's the one unifying factor between all of them...packing peanuts! I usually end up with a big old trash bag full of them each month. What do you do will all the peanuts? Easy, you reuse them, you recycle them, or you destroy them. To reuse them, simply store in a dry bag until you need to protect something that you are shipping. To recycle them take them to a local shipping company or recycling center if they are made of plastic. How do you know if they are plastic-based or vegetable-based? Well, that takes us to how you destroy them. If the peanuts are veggy-based they will dissolve in tap water. If they do not dissolve, they are plastic-based and can be dropped off at your local recycling center. To find your local centers call (800) CLEAN-UP for state recycling information.
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