Weekly Web Roundup 12

Clean out old cleaners (subscription) - This article has some tips on when to get rid of old cleaning products you may have laying around the house. Since this requires a subscription here is a quick summary:
  • Powdered or liquid cleaners that have changed color or consistency should be discarded according the the product labeling.
  • Bleached that has been diluted with water is not effective at killing germs after 24 hours.
  • Hardened drain cleaner can react adversely with water inside pipes and shouldn't be used.
  • Cleaners contained in damaged bottles could be contaminated or have reacted with air and should be thrown away according to product label.

10 Tips to Conserve Water - We haven't got much rain around here until this weekend. Earlier this summer we had water usage restrictions, and these tips would have been handy.

Tips On When To Toss Expired Items In Your Medicine Cabinet (Video) - You never want to use expired medicines. Here are tips to help you figure out how long common items last.

Chester's Clean House Retro: This weekend I am planning on doing my yearly deck maintenance. I'll start out by fixing any loose boards then I'll Clean and Whiten the deck before I reapply the water replant.
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