Vacuum Maintenance Tips

I have posted about how we vacuum everyday. This was an expensive habit because we were going through a vacuum in less than a year. Luckily the extended warranty covered those costs. I have learned a few tricks that have kept our two vacuums running in tip top shape for over 3 years.

  • Clean the beater bar often - use a utility knife to cut away any hair or strings that get wrapped around the brushes before every use. Failing to do so will make the vacuum work harder, leading to broken belts and worn motors.
  • Empty the bag or bin before it is 50% full - Bagged vacuums will start to loose suction after only a minute of vacuuming and bagless ones won't last much longer. The air has to work its way through all of that stuff so the less there is the better the suction. If you have a Dyson vacuum letting the bin get too full will also clog it up.
  • Clean the hoses and keep the passages clear - Keeping the hoses clean will help keep suction and keep excess dirt from collecting. Any items trapped in the hose can quickly lead to a major clog requiring a lot of time to fix. If you get a bad clog, try using a wire coat hanger to clear it.
  • Replace filters often - Air flow can also be diminished by a dirty filter. Clean them often and replace any HEPA filters at least once a year. Our Hoover vacuum's filter can be washed in the dishwasher with just water. This saves us over $30 in replacement costs. Check your manual for proper cleaning instructions for your vacuum's filter.
  • Get a vacuum tune-up - Look for a local repair shop that does vacuum tune-ups. They usually cost around $50-$100 and will keep your vacuum working for years. Many store's extended warranties cover one tune-up per year, so check during your next purchase.
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