Stop Whiteflies from Destroying your Garden

Whiteflies are annoying little insects that love to destroy plants. Not only do they feed and reproduce non-stop, they also carry plant viruses. Constant spraying of insecticide will kill them off eventually, but I prefer a much safer method. First, remove all weeds and dying plants from your garden. Whiteflies are attracted to dying plants. Second, sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your garden. Diatomaceous earth kills just about anything with an exoskeleton and, best of all, it will not harm you, your pets or your plants. It can be found in most garden centers. Third, combine a few drops of soap and a teaspoon of garlic juice in a sprayer filled with warm water. Spray directly on the infested plants. Finally, yellow sticky paper traps are a good way to reduce the number of pests. Make sure that you replace the traps often until the population is in check.
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