Recycle a 2-Liter Plastic Bottle

2-Liter bottles are pretty common around our house. We always send them away each week in our yellow recycling bin when we don't have a good use for them. Here are a few of the uses we have found for them:

  • Paint Container - After painting a room we always have extra paint left over we like to keep it for touch ups and other projects; however, I hate keeping the large container and the paint usually doesn't last too long in them anyway. We keep our extra paint in a clear 2-Liter bottle. Add a few marbles and you have an auto mixing paint container where you can see the color of the paint. Write the color or what room you used the paint in with permanent marker for later reference.
  • Make Shift Funnel - If you ever need a quick funnel, cut the bottom off a 2-liter bottle for an easy recyclable funnel.
  • Drip Irrigation System - Next time you are going away for vacation, create this little project to keep your flowers and plants watered. Just cut the bottom of the bottle off and drill a few holes in the cap. This works great outdoors as it will also catch and store rain water, allowing your plants to be water for days after the rain.
  • Ice Packs - Fill about 3/4 with water and freeze. This also works with smaller bottles.
  • Sand Holder - Great for in the winter, use old 2-liter bottles to store sand. If you use sand as weight for a truck you can build a little box around the tire wells and place the sand filled bottles into the box. This eliminates the mess that can happen when normal sand bags break, and allows you to easily pour the sand out for extra traction when needed.
  • Seedling Starter - 2-Liter bottles are great for starting new plants. Just cut the top off, place some dirt into the bottle and plant your seeds.
  • Piggy Bank - If you cut a slit into the cap you can make a piggy bank. What's really nice about this one is that the money is hard to remove without cutting the bottom of the bottle off. Great if you want to save without the temptation to spend.
  • Water Balloon Re-filler - Fill the bottle with water, place a balloon over the opening and turn upside down. The water will fill the balloon quite fast. Just pinch off the balloon when filled to the desired level and turn back over. Tie off the balloon and throw! You can have water war in your back yard. Give everyone a full 2-liter and about 10 balloons. The first person who can fill enough balloons to hit every other person wins.
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