Plan For Winter While The Weather Is Still Nice

I live in a part of the country that only gets a few major snow storms per year, but when it does come, it can be pretty heavy. My parents were looking into getting a heavy duty snow blower but it seemed a little pricy for an item that would only be used a few times per year. At the time they lived on a cul-de-sac and were fairly friendly with the four other families living there. When asked if they would be interested in sharing the cost of such an item, all were enthusiastic. Split five ways, the price of the snow blower became very reasonable, so reasonable they were able to get an even better model. It was both financially and environmentally responsible as only one piece of equipment was required as opposed to five. An unexpected added benefit was additional camaraderie amongst the neighbors. When one neighbor was sick, there were plenty of volunteers to take care of their driveway. When my parents sold the house, access to the snow blower became a nice selling point.
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