How to Clean a WhiteBoard

Dry-erase whiteboards are great, until you grab the wrong marker that is. One quick slip up and the permanent marker pie-chart that you just drew can be there for ever. Also, even dry-erase markers become permanent after a few days when left in the sun I have found. There is a way to get it clean again. I heard a rumor that you can write over the permanent marker with a dry-erase marker will allow you to wipe it off. Not true, it works on dried-on dry-erase markers, but nothing else. The two best cleaners for dry-erase boards are nail polish remover (acetone) or isopropyl alcohol. Put the cleaner on a clean cloth and, with a little elbow grease, the marks will come off. Wipe off any excess and dry thoroughly. Always be careful with acetone and alcohol. They are highly flammable, caustic, and produce a lot of harmful fumes. After cleaning, polish with Pledge to restore the dry-erase surface. This also works great when you notice that your markers are no longer erasing as easily as they used to.
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