Dangers Of Cleaning Week

Cleaning products can be dangerous. Many household cleaners contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your health and even kill you. For example, mixing bleach with ammonia or vinegar will release chlorine gas which can kill you. Every product comes with warning labels, but with the number of cleaning products you have in your house keeping track of all of them can be an impossible task. I have ruined too many items by using the wrong product for the job and have gotten a sick feeling from cleaning product fumes. Several years ago, as I was cleaning the bathroom with my rubber gloves and respirator, I started wondering what the products I was using were doing to my health and to my family’s health. I started researching eco friendly cleaning methods and products. Obviously this lead to the birth of Chester's Clean House, so I could share what I have learned. This week we hope to provide a compelling argument to persuade you to think more about the cleaning products you use in your home and what the consequences of their use is.
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