Cleaning Motivational Tips

Jack from New Jersey asks:
"What are some good ways to motivate myself to clean? I really like a
clean house but I find myself procrastinating until it is too big of a job."

When you set your mind to doing one task you will be surprised how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time. The best motivation for cleaning is to make it fun. Set aside 15 minutes each day and choose one cleaning task to accomplish (i.e. straighten up one room, vacuum a room or two, or clean the kitchen). Put on your favorite music and get to work. The time will fly by and if you do this everyday you will start to make a dent. You will also be better able to create a schedule that will keep you from falling behind. A sample schedule might be:

Monday: Straighten Living Room and Family Room
Tuesday: Wipe Down Kitchen Counters, Appliances, Clean out fridge.
Wednesday: Take out Trash and Dust
Thursday: Quick Pickup and Vacuum
Friday: Mop kitchen and organize bills/junk mail
Saturday: Clean Bedroom and Do Laundry
Sunday: Free day

The key to your cleaning schedule is to be flexible. You may not cook a lot or use your bathroom enough that it needs cleaned every week, so you may do those tasks every other week. With our hairy dog and cat, we have to vacuum everyday to keep the house as clean as we like. Also plan a fun activity after your 15 minute cleaning session and soon it will become a habit.
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