Cleaning 101 Week

This week we'll be getting back to the basics. I always have to remind myself of the simple things when I am challenged with a new cleaning task. My first rule to cleaning is to break each task into as many steps as is practical. For example, if I am going to mop the floor I break it down into several smaller tasks as follows:
  1. Remove all the area rugs and obstructions.
  2. While removing items, look for areas that need spot cleaning.
  3. Spot clean any areas.
  4. Fill bucket with amount of cleaner needed for floor dirtiness.
  5. Mop, and let air dry.
  6. Replace area rugs.

Breaking the task down and doing complementary tasks at once saves a lot of time. If I didn't do the spot check and cleaning separately, I'd have to stop mopping in each of those areas to clean the spot. Humans are not very good at switching tasks and we tend to waste a lot of time when we do. The more focused you can make each task the more efficient you will be at that task. Using the above technique I can usually mop our kitchen and entryway in under 20 minutes, 30 minutes tops if it is really dirty.

Next time you have a cleaning task, break it down into sub tasks and try to combine commentary steps when possible. Avoid multitasking and you'll see your efficiency go up.

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