Basic Cleaning Equipment

We have gone over basic cleaning supplies in the past, but there are a few pieces of equipment that I find indispensible. Having the right tools will save you a ton of time when cleaning. First, every home needs a good wet/dry shop vac. These are great for cleaning up spills, flooding, and general high-powered vacuuming. Second, my collection of different brushes has saved me a ton of effort. I have a brush for each occasion. I keep toothbrushes for fine cleaning, general hand brushes for general cleaning, and specialty grout brushes that make deep cleaning tile and grout a snap. Third, everyone needs a squeegie. These are great for windows, counters, you name it. Fourth, good brooms and a good mop. A few years ago I threw out my cheap stuff and got a good plastic bristled broom, a traditional straw broom, a Swiffer duster, and a self-ringing mop. These save me time and do a much better job than my old cheap stuff. Fifth, good sponges will save you money in the long run. I know it's tempting to buy the ten pack of cheap sponges and just pitch them when they get dirty, but a couple of good, shaped sponges with the scrubbing back will last years if properly maintained and cleaned.
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