19 Ways To Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags

Several communities have put restrictions on the use of plastic grocery bags. San Francisco was one of the first communities to do so. Reusing and recycling them around the house is a great way to reduce their impact on the environment. The first thing to do is organize them so you can easily reuse them. I do this using an old tissue boxes. Just stuff the bags inside the tissue box and they pop up whenever you need one. Here are some of they ways we reuse them:

  1. Plastic grocery bags are the perfect size for bathroom trash bags. Be sure to put about 5-10 in the bottom of the trash can so you always have a replacement when you take the trash out.
  2. Use them to store soiled diapers in your diaper bag until you get to a proper trash can.
  3. Use them to store sippy cups to catch any spills.
  4. Keep some in the car to collect any trash. This will keep the floor from collecting anything and cleanup is a breeze, just throw out the bag.
  5. Use the extra bags to protect the next package you have to send.
  6. When you go to the pool, use a plastic bag to store you wet suits in until you get home. Be sure to take the suits out to keep them from getting mildew.
  7. While you are out you can used them store soiled cloths.
  8. Store your muddy shoes after a hike in them.
  9. Use them as packaging material for seasonal decorations.
  10. When traveling, use plastic grocery bags to store your dirty cloths.
  11. When painting, use as a paint tray liner. Clean up is really easy.
  12. Put them over your shoes if you have to walk through a muddy area.
  13. Put your paint brushes in them to freeze for easy cleaning.
  14. Use them to organize toys.
  15. Use as a cheaper liner for automatic cat litter boxes.
  16. Use them to organize your recyclable cans and bottles.
  17. Cover plants with them to protect from frost.
  18. They are a great pooper scooper on dog walks.
  19. Use them for crafts.

There are hundreds more ways to reuse these bags. If you have a way please send it in or post a comment.

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