Weekly Web Roundup 10

I'm really excited about my cleaning duties this weekend! My wife has been working extra hard this week around the house, so my chore list is quite short. A nice relaxing weekend, but I think I'll probably stay inside as it is going to be pretty hot.

If You Don't Scrub That Kitchen Floor... - I've never heard of a Cuban Mop before, but after looking at the picture I have to have one. This would work great with a microfiber cloth. I'll work on a post on how to make your own.

Anti-Bacterial Soap No Better Than Plain Soap - I have heard this before. Triclosan, the active ingredient in anti-bacterial soap, allows for bacterial mutation unless it is used in higher concentrations which are only used in hospitals.

The do's, don'ts of cleaning a paintbrush - I will use many of these tips when my wife gets me to paint our bathroom. I have ruined too many paint brushes in my life.

Chester's Clean House Retro: With football season officially starting in a few weeks its time to clean your TV so you can see all the action.
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