Use Area Rugs To Cut Down On Mopping

Floors in high traffic areas can quickly become dirty.  Leaving the dirt for extended periods of time only leads to a bigger headache when you have to mop.  One of the best ways to keep your tile, wood, or laminate floors cleaner is to use area rugs in the key high traffic areas.

Where the dirty dog lies

My dog, or small horse as some call her, always likes to lay in the same spot. Tracking in all of the dirt she collects outside into a small concentrated area.  By the end of the week it is really dirty there, maybe even disgusting.  We were mopping the area every other day to keep it clean, so to cut down on the mopping we placed an area rug to keep the dirt off of our laminate floors. We also put down some runners in our entryway which has also cut down the amount of dirt that collects throughout the downstairs floors. We vacuum the area rugs at least once a week to extend their life. 

Keep Your Area Rugs In Place

Some of the runners were moving all about so to keep the rugs in place I glued a rubber jar lid opener to each corner. You can find the rubber jar openers cheaply at the dollar store.  I got a bunch of the them at a local community business fair for free.  Just use some super glue or double sided tape to fasten the lid openers to the underside of the rug.

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