Tips On Cleaning Leather Furniture

I love my leather furniture. I like the soft warming feel of leather and how well it stands up to our abuse. Leather furniture is very easy to care for. For general cleaning of finished leather, first mix a few drops of mild dish soap into a large bowl or small bucket of water. Dip a clean terrycloth rag into the mixture and ring out well. Use the wet terrycloth rag to wipe down the furniture. Next, wipe down the furniture with a second terrycloth rag dampened with clean water to remove any excess soap. Finally buff with a dry microfiber cloth. For long term care of leather, it is a good idea to use a leather conditioner or cream on it at least twice a year.

Don't use oils, polishes, or cleaners that contain solvents. These will damage your leather overtime leaving it with a tacky or sticky feel.
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