Stop Your Pets From Shedding With The FURminator

If you have been reading this week you know that I have a Newfoundland dog. She is a great dog, but her breed has one major drawback, they shed more fur in one day than most pets shed in a year, especial in the spring and fall. We had to vacuum every day, but it got too expensive to replacing vacuums every 6 to 12 months. Then we learned about the FURminator.

The FURminator is a special de-shedding brush and shampoo treatment that is offered at pet salons. The treatment costs about $40 for our large dog. The first time we got it done we were amazed at how much hair it removed. Our groomer saved the pile of fur which was the size of a small dog. The next month we only had to vacuum about every three days because Bear wasn't shedding.

We bought the brush from Amazon about a year ago and it has saved us lots of time and money. The brush works great on both our cat and our dog. It removes the undercoat 10 times faster than a normal rake brush. If you have a pet that sheds, I highly recommend that you give this brush a try. Here is a video of the brush in action.

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