Don't Forget to Clean Your PC!

Obviously, I have a computer. If you do not realize why this is apparent, don't worry, the advice will still work for you. When performing your spring cleaning don't forget about your computer. At least once a year, you need to clean out your computer. To do this, first turn off the computer. Second, remove the power cord completely from the back of the machine. Open the side of the computer case, you may have to remove a few screws. If opening the case is not readily apparent, consult your owners manual or check with the manufacturer's website. Don't try to simply force it, a lot of modern computers have cheap plastic hinges that will break under even slight pressure. Using a can of compressed air (available at any computer or electronics store) blow out all of the dust from the case focusing on the many heat-sinks in the computer. Vacuum up the dust and cobwebs, put the computer back together, and you're good to go. Heat is a computer's enemy and dirty heat sinks and fans will kill a computer over time.
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