Tips for Cleaning Glassware

Bartenders know more than just how to make drinks. More likely than not, you will not be given a dirty or spotted glass at any bar. There is a reason for this, bartenders have perfected the method for quickly cleaning and sanitizing glassware. Unlike them, I doubt that you have a three compartment sink, but you can get the same results at home. Number one, fill a sink with very hot, sudsy water. Holding the base of your glassware, rapidly pump the glassware into the water. The suction helps scrub the glass all the way to the bottom. Once clean, rinse it in warm water. Adding borax or a little vinegar to the final rinse water will give you a streak-free shine. Be careful about your rinse water temperature. Too cold of rinse water could cause the glass to shatter! Place the glassware face down on a dry towel and let sit until dry.
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