Stop The Spread Of Food Born Illnesses

A clean kitchen is import for food safety. This is especially true when you are handling meats and other raw foods. Here are some tips to help you keep bacteria under control.
  • Wash your hands well after touching meat. Soap and hot water should do the trick.
  • Use a different cutting board and knife to chop vegetables after cutting meat.
  • Keep defrosting meats at the lowest part of your fridge to help eliminate drips. You can use a disposable aluminum tray for juicy items.
  • Rinse any produce well before chopping.
  • Get all of your ingredients out before working with meat to keep down on touching draws and cabinets.
  • When browning meat, use a new utensil after the meat has fully cooked.
  • If the meat doesn't smell fresh don't take a chance with it. Better safe then sorry.
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